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Acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practice involves using needles to stimulate nerve centres around the body for the relief of pain and other types of illnesses. In Chinese culture, it has been used for over 300 years for all kinds of ailments. This healing art is based around the premise that the body is not the totality of the human condition.

Acupunture Points

Same as with several other Oriental forms of healing, it is centered around the idea that the body is surrounded by an invisible "life force", which permeates every living organism. Restrictions and blockages in the free flow of energy is seen as the origin of disease.

Although acupuncturists subscribe to different theories, the form most commonly practiced in the US, are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is some evidence to suggest that acupunture may offer help in conjuction with standard medical care.

Acupuncture is an excellent complementary or alternative (CAM for short) treatment for a number of different health issues. It is used with different levels of success on chronic pains and ailments.

In accrodance with Eastern beliefs, it is not just a technique of inserting needles in the body and relieving pain. It is seen as a holistic medical treatment that focuses on unblocking the life force or energy points (Meridians) in the body to restore health.

Acupuncture Treatments

Some of the common problems treated with acupuncture include:

  • Migraines - Sometimes in combination with electro-stimulation of the needles.

  • Allergies - Some evidence suggests that acupuncture mitigates the recurrence of allergies.

  • Improves Mood - One of the traditional uses of acupuncture is to combat depression.

  • Boost Immune System - There is some strong evidence that suggests that that acupuncture helps the body create more T-cells. T-cells are the body's first line of defence against invading bacteria and viruses.

  • Controlling Appetite - In certain cases it has been successfully used to help patients lose weight.

  • Sleeplessness - Studies conducted in 2004 on 18 people who suffered from axienty and couldn't sleep have demonstrated that acupuncture treatment was associated with a significant nocturnal increase in endogenous melatonin secretion.

  • Regulating Blood Pressure - There is a range of cardiovascular responsiveness to acupuncture that depends, at least in part, on interactions between neural modulators that synaptically regulate autonomic function in the brain stem.

  • Back Pain - There is some pretty strong evidence that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of chronic lower back pain.

Just as with traditional Western medicine, the number of treatments varies with the individual. In some cases results can come as soon as with the first session. In more complicated situations it may take serveral sessions over weeks to obtain the full benefits.

What To Expect

Before starting any form of treatment the acupuncturist will have an intake conversation with the patient. During this initial meeting the practitioner tries to get a thorough understanding of the patient's lifestyle and habits.

In some cases your therapist may offer dietary advice along with lifestyle changes to complement the effectiveness of the therapy. You might also notice that the points where the needles are inserted may not be near the place where you are feeling the symptoms.

In some cases the acupunctiarist may use elctro stimulation and/or massage to stimulate the area where the needles are to be inserted. the increased blood flow to the area will enhance the efficacy of the treatment.

Meridians, Vessels, Yin and Yang

Acupuncture recognizes 12 Primary Meridians in the human body. These are the twelve main pathways through which energy travels throughout the human body and organs. Each meridian is seen as being directly linked to a part of the body or an organ.


Meridians are sub-devided into yin and yang (positive and negative) categories. These two main categories are broken down even further into Vessles. While Meridians are more related to specific organs, Vessels are more like a map of energy circulation channels.

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