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About Med Care Online

How it all began.

When I entered my mid fifties and started feeling the onset of small pains and aches, I dismissed them as temporary things that would work themselves out the same way they came. As time went by and they didn't disappear (or came back) I started digging on the net for information about what was happening. I wasn't ready to accept the adage "You're just getting older".

The sheer wealth of information available was overwhelming. On top of that, different website often had conflicting information and sorting through the maze was no simple matter. Some of the information I uncovered has made dramatic impact on my personal health and well-being, and I've attempted to categorize what I've discovered.

Some of the information you find on our website, may seem to contradict what you may have read elsewhere. If that is the case, use your common sense and keep digging until you find the answer that makes sense to you, or ask a medical professional directly. Alternative health care is a broad term and encompasses several different disciplines.

About The Directory Listings

All listings in our directory are independent professionals in their respective fields.


Please note, I am NOT a medical professional and no part of this website is meant to be construed as medical advice. All information is presented "as is", and we (myself and contributers to our website) make no claim as to the veracity of the content presented here.